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More Than 10 Years of Excellence and Experience in the Hardwood Flooring Industry

Parquet Ave provides an extensive range of services related to the hardwood floor industry locally in Queens NY.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Locally we are well known for the top-notch service we provide our clients. We offer a diverse range of services in the hardwood flooring industry and we have the most outstanding and courteous professionals in the industry and offer our service to the people of queens.

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Benefits of Installing Hardwood Floors for your property

They are beautiful

Your home or office will look aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  Hardwood floors are absolutely exquisite and have been used in New York for many years.

They add value

It’s no secret that hardwood floors increase the market value of your property.  Hardwood floors are the most desirable flooring in real estate.

They are durable and easy to maintain

Normal wear and tear are almost inevitable but hardwood floors are extremely durable and with a little TLC they will last you for many years to come.

The variety is endless

Hardwood floors are very diverse. They can be stained, replaced, repaired, and repainted with the same or with a variety of other beautiful colors. Hardwood floors come in an endless amount of species, colors, and designs.  You can customize everything to your personal and unique taste. The choices are practically limitless.

They can be repaired and renewed easily

With our hardwood repairing method, they can look brand new without completely replacing them.

They are easy to take care off

Cleaning hardwood floors is fairly easy.  With a little dusting, mopping and vacuuming you can keep the floors easily clean without too many headaches (compared to carpets that may need shampooing and other specialized cleaning methods).

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Queens hardwood pros

Our team is composed of the best industry experts. We will begin by evaluating the conditions of each room you decide to install hardwood and then apply our advanced knowledge; expertise, skills and innovative techniques to ensure you are the most satisfied client.  We offer the best possible look for your home or office to increase both the beauty and the value of your property. We also use the best products to ensure durability and the test of time.

When we begin the job we will need to assess the following site conditions for top-notch results.  The climate and weather definitely matter. We will test the moisture and vapor humidity levels because wood is known to expand and contract.   Also, the wood and concrete will be examined carefully.

Whether you need refinishing service repair or even or even staining, we will do our best to help you get the best service you deserve.  

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Our company is known to be reliable, trustworthy and honest.

When choosing a company to install your hardwood floors the overwhelming choices you may have can be confusing. We are here to help you determine the best service for your home or office and answer questions and concerns you may have regarding the process.

You may need help deciding which rooms in your house or office need new flooring installed, and guidance with the types of woods to choose from.

We will help you step by step and make sure you choose the type of service that suits your needs the best. We will recommend the type of woods that are best suited for you and assist you when it comes to making all the tough decision.

We know that investing time and money into your home or office is important and therefore we guarantee you will be satisfied with our results. When you choose Parquet Ave you can be confident with the decisions you make.

We do all types of hardwood installations.
These are the services we provide:
  • New wood floor installation.  New wood floor installation is usually the classic choice for new flooring.  It is the most cost-efficient way to achieve a brand new
  • versatile appearance.
    Laminate floor Installation. Laminate floor installation is the process where multiple layers of synthetic flooring products are blended in together.  The goal of lamination is to achieve a unified look that has a beautiful finish for your home or office flooring.
  • Engineered wood floor installation.  Engineered wood floor installation is the process where we achieve an elegant and luxurious look and feel. A top layer of veneer accomplishes this goal.
  • Prefinished wood floor installation.  The prefinished hardwood flooring installation can be completed in a range of natural and beautiful colors with a sturdy and long-lasting factory warranted finish.
  • Solid wood floor installation.  Solid wood flooring has a very striking, rich and attractive feel and look.  The luxurious style adds so much more value and style to your home floors in the kitchen, living rooms, bedroom or dining rooms.
  • Glue down installation.  Glue Down Installations are considered to be much faster and easier than most other kinds of floor installations.  The best advantage of glue down installation is that it can be done on any sub-floor.
  • Nail down installation.  Nailing also known as stapling down wood floor installation is the most preferred installation method for wood flooring if the wood subfloor is in a form of plywood.  The nail down installation is a very affordable process thereby making it cost effective method.
  • Floating floor installation. The floating hardwood floors installation method is typically done on engineered hardwood floors and the hardwood floor “floats” freely over the sub-floor.   

Does your company have a showroom?

Yes we do have a showroom and warehouse full of a verity of wood floors.

We work with big management’s or big co-ops all over the tri-state area so Yes we do offer insurance and working compensation.

Part of our jobs in cases like yours is to remove the furniture to a certain area where we can start to work therefore a job like this will take a little longer because we will need to remove back and forward the furniture.