Is your home looking dull and old-fashioned? Well, you may not realize but it’s the stairs that making your home look full of stain and damage. The only way to get the original value of your home back is by remodeling the damaged stairs.

There are various reasons why you should repair your staircases:

  • Your staircase is unsafe- Though we do not end up walking on stairs much in a day, we tend to ignore the inherited dangers within. Its high time we understand that the defect will keep increasing with time and become hazardous to life. It’s better to repair it now than overlooking it.
  • Help to sell your home faster- In case you are planning to sell your home, first of all, you should work on making your stairs better. It will help you to get good value. Otherwise, the buyer will not include your home on their list. 
  • Revitalize your interiors- If you have spent a handsome amount in upgrading the overall architecture of your house then you must not forget your stairs. Revitalizing your stairs will enhance the overall beauty of your house.

Remodelling can be done by following very simple six steps:

  1. Plan- Make a plan according to the architectural structure of your home of how you will refurbish your steps.
  2. Replace the steps- Star the remodelling with removing the old stuff from new ones. Also, it is important to cover the gaps with mouldings.  
  3. Build the landing area- There are some staircases that have a landing area. You need to start with the frontal part of the landing and cover it using a winder step. 
  4. Fix the handrails and base rails- This time you have an option to choose between glass staircase and spindles. 
  5. Install the panels- Calculate the number of panels required in the staircase and install them accordingly.

Remodel Stair Railing

A positive note about remodeling your railings is that after spending a lot of time you know what will suit you best in your house. Now is the time to give your house your favorite look. Why should you remodel your stair railings:

● Change your railing style- You can remodel your staircase railing to change the overall look of your house. You can either go for horizontal, glass material, railings to add a distinct look.

● Have fun with the design- you can add a distinctive design with the railings. You can install traditional, modern or bohemian style railings. It will add a distinctive drama to your house.

● For hygiene- Many a time the railings get dull and dusted due to wear and tear. Therefore it needs to be changed so that your house looks fresh and stylish. Here’s how you can do staircase railing remodeling:

You can install stair railings in three simple steps:

1. Uninstall the previous railing- The first step is to detach the previous railing and prepare the space.

2. Install your favorite railing- Install your favorite railing on the sideways of stairs. Make sure you set up in the space really well.

3. Block the space- Block the empty space to make sure the railing stands straight and be able to handle some weight.

StairWay innovations:

Your house need not be boring. A modern and innovative staircase design can be outstanding for you.

There are various reasons why you should go for innovative StairWays:

  • Creative outlook– An innovative stair design will provide a creative look to the house or any workspace. It adds colour and design to a particular side of the place.
  • Adds a meaning- The kind of stair design you will choose will define the meaning of the place. You can choose your stairs depending on the theme of the place.
  • Adds aesthetic- Aesthetic plays a major part in defining a place. If you have a restaurant of a particular theme the stairs will add additional beauty to it. 

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How much does the staircase remodel cost?

The cost of a staircase makeover depends on the size of the project. The average price of remodeling a staircase falls from around $1,000 to $2,000. Whereas a full remodel can cost at least $4,000 to $8,000.

How much does it cost to replace wood stairs?

At on average, the cost of each wooden stair tread is approximately $36 to $51. Whereas a 17 feet long wooden handrail will cost between $69 and $85. The labor involved in stairway installation can be $62 to $152 for two hours of work. Considering all the other factors like equipment cost, the total cost could be looking at costs ranging from $1,169 to $2,043.

How much does it cost to sand and Restain stairs?

The average cost to sand stairs will be around $120 to $150 in total to sand and restain a 10 step flight of stairs. This includes a laborer’s time with power tools, wood stain, and cleaning up.

How much does it cost to resurface stairs?

The average cost of resurfacing 10 stairs along with carpet costs costing $340, $130 for sand and staining, or $1,500 for a brand new wooden setup. This includes all fittings, materials, and a professional’s time and labour cost.