What is hardwood floor sanding service and is it right for your home or office?

Once your hardwood floors begin to show signs of discoloration, dents, and/or scratches you may look into your option to bring back the luster and glow back. The advantage to hardwood flooring s that they can very easily be maintained and repaired by the sanding process. The hardwood sanding process will bring back your floors natural beauty. We specialize in this process with ten plus years of experience and will be happy to take on this project for you.


Hardwood floor sanding will help you improve the look of your flooring and also conserve the glow and strength. Our team of experts specializes in a wide range of services related to the hardwood. We can sand your floors, install, and repair them for both your home or office. We have the proper equipment and materials. Our experts are extremely knowledgeable and get the job done seamlessly with the best quality materials.
The hardwood floor sanding method is ideal for improving and fixing the little imperfections in certain areas of your hardwood floors. Our team of professionals is prepared to handle any of your hardwood flooring needs.

What is the Hardwood Floor Sanding Method

Hardwood floor sanding is a very essential step in the refinishing process of your home or office floors. It involves removing the top layer of the floors very carefully. The layers are removed by using abrasive materials. This is done so that we will eliminate potential scratches and other marks on your floors. Our goal is to achieve a lustrous look for your floors and to protect it from any potential damages in the future. We care for your hardwood floors and want the end result to be magnificent.
Hardwood floor sanding method works well with the solid wood flooring and some brands of engineered wood flooring can also be sanded and refinished—our flooring experts can help you determine whether this is a good choice for your home or office.

There are three steps to the Sanding hardwood floors process we abide by:

  • The first thing we need to do is ito prep the floors. All nails staples, types of adhesives and tacks will be removed or punched down so that the best possible result is achieved for a smooth and beautiful look.
  • Then we move on to the sanding process. Coarse-grit papers are used to remove older coatings. We also need to level out the floors so all the boards are even in their height.
  • Afterward larger sanders are used on both the grains of the timber and all these areas that are hard to reach. Those areas are sanded with an edger. If there are any holes in your floor we will have them filled. At the final stage of the sanding, a belt sander is used inline with a finishing machine creating the final finish.
  • The final step is coating the floors. Once sanding is complete we coat the floors with a protective sealant (can either be polyurethane or oil).

Wood floor sanding is an integral part of the hardwood floor refinishing process and is crucial to maintain the look and feel of your floors as time goes by. It is essential that your floors are sanded very carefully and that is why we recommend you utilize our team who are professional for best results. Keep your floors looking beautiful for many years to come—call us today to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE for your hardwood floor sanding and refinishing today.

At Parquet Ave. we provide the best hardwood floor sanding service and maintenance for your home flooring or office both locally in Queens and throughout New York. Call us now to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE. We will take care of all your hardwood flooring needs from sanding them to maintenance or any other service you may need for your home or office. With 10+ years of experience, we get the job done and we do it well! We do it fast, effectively and professionally.

We provide affordable prices with FREE ESTIMATES. We have high-quality workmanship with prompt and professional service. Don’t delay the process, schedule your FREE ESTIMATE NOW. Call us at 718-825-5065.

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